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Web Data and Declarative Programming[Slides][Abstract]Jesús Almendros2010-03-15

Verifcation of multi-threaded programs[Slides][Abstract]Alexander Malkis2011-09-20

Unfold/fold Transformation of Logic Programs under Program Completion Semantics[Slides][Abstract]Javier Álvez2009-05-13

The Legacy of Tony Hoare[Slides][Abstract]Ricardo Peña2013-04-23

Test Case Generation for Object-Oriented Programs in CLP [Slides][Abstract]Miguel Gómez-Zamalloa2011-09-19

Test Case Generation and Cost Analysis in Java-like Languages[Slides][Abstract]Elvira Albert2011-09-19

Termination of Narrowing[Slides][Abstract]German Vidal2009-03-27

Tabled Logic Programming and Applications[Slides][Abstract]Manuel Carro2011-09-19

Static Analysis to Detect Type and Concurrency Errors in Erlang Programs[Slides][Abstract]Kostis Sagonas2010-06-16

Static Analysis and Certifcation of Safety Properties of Memory Usage[Slides][Abstract]Ricardo Peña2011-09-19

Semantics of Concurrent Processes: Unification and new Directions[Slides][Abstract]David de Frutos2011-09-20

Rewriting and Call-Time Choice[Slides][Abstract]Juan Rodríguez2008-05-12

Relational verification using product programs[Slides][Abstract]César Kunz2011-09-21

Relational UnificationEmilio Jesús Gallego Arias2008-01-31

Quantitative Logic Programing Revisited[Slides][Abstract]Carlos Romero2008-04-09

Programs as first-class citizens in a biology-motivated model of computation[Slides][Abstract]Neil D. Jones2012-03-27

Optimizing Compilation Techniques for Logic Programming[Slides][Abstract]Jose F. Morales2011-09-19

OPL,A Constraint Programming Language V[Slides][Abstract]Ignacio Castiñeiras2008-06-23

OPL,A Constraint Programming Language IV[Slides][Abstract]Ignacio Castiñeiras2008-06-20

OPL,A Constraint Programming Language III[Slides][Abstract]Ignacio Castiñeiras2008-06-19

OPL,A Constraint Programming Language II[Slides][Abstract]Ignacio Castiñeiras2008-06-17

OPL,A Constraint Programming Language I[Slides][Abstract]Ignacio Castiñeiras2008-06-16

Nominal Completion for Rewrite Systems with Binders[Slides][Abstract]Maribel Fernández2012-07-12

Modeling and verifcation of concurrent systems using shared resources[Abstract]Julio Mariño2011-09-20

Madrid Spring Erlounge[Slides][Abstract]Juan Puig2011-03-30

Invariant-free Deduction in Temporal LogicPaqui Lucio2007-12-13

Integrating Computation in Logic: Deduction Modulo[Abstract]Olivier Hermant2007-09-10

Generating Proof Carrying Code[Slides][Abstract]Ricardo Peña2008-01-31

Formal Certification of code-based cryptographic proofs[Abstract]Gilles Barthe2009-03-17

Erlang Types, Abstract Form and Core II[Slides][Abstract]Salvador Tamarit2012-11-15

Erlang Types Abstract Form and Core[Slides][Abstract]Salvador Tamarit2012-11-07

Erlang Programming Language: An Overview[Slides][Abstract]Clara Benac2011-05-11

Erlang and the McErlang model checker[Slides][Abstract]Clara Benac and Lars-Åke Fredlund2011-09-20

Equality Constraints on the Algebras of Finite and Infinite Trees[Slides][Abstract]Javier Álvez2009-05-06

Deductive Databases[Slides][Abstract]Fernando Sáenz2011-09-21

Declarative Debugging[Slides][Abstract]Rafael Caballero2011-09-21

Data-structure rewriting[Slides][Abstract]Rachid Echahed2010-06-23

Connecting Bilattices Theory and Fuzzy Logic[Slides][Abstract]Daniele Genito2010-11-23

An Introduction to the Ciao System[Slides][Abstract]Jesús Correas2008-12-03

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