Enrique Martín Martín


COSTABS (Rely-guarantee Termination and Cost Analysis)
COSTABS is a research prototype which performs automatic program analysis and which is able to infer cost and termination information about ABS programs (more information on ABS can be found here). I collaborate in the in the Rely-guarantee Termination Analysis and the Rely-guarantee Cost Analysis, which deal with programs with concurrent interleavings.
Erlang Declarative Debugger (edd)
A declarative (algorithmic) debugger for the sequential part of Erlang. This debugger asks the programmers questions about the expected results of function calls and points out the program fragment that is causing the bug.
FLOP: A Free Laboratory of Programming (English and Spanish)
FLOP is a virtual laboratory for programming practice. It contains a collection of programming problems and an automatic grader (judge) for these problems. It can be used by students, to practice programming in C++, Java, Python, Pascal or Haskell, or by programming instructors, to propose list of problems to their students and track the activity. It has be funded by two Educative Innovation Projects of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Toy 2.3.1c << Liberal Types Edition >>
Branch of the Toy system including the liberal type system presented in APLAS 2010 and MSCS, which allows the programmer to write type-indexed functions, generic functions, use exitential types, etc. The most remarkable property is the maximal liberality, which states that the type system is the most liberal possible to guarantee type preservation.
Liberal Typing for Functional Logic Programs: Web Interface
Web interface to experiment with the liberal type system presented in APLAS 2010 and MSCS. This web interface support GADT syntax to declare constructor symbols of data types.
Toy 2.3.1b << Safe Opaque Patterns Edition >>
Branch of the Toy system including the type system presented in LNCS 5979 and I&C, which safely deals with opaque patterns.
Toy: a Constraint Functional Logic System
TOY is a constraint functional logic system, designed to support the main declarative programming styles and their combination. It has been designed and developed mainly by the Declarative Programming Group at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and in collaboration and inputs from the Universidad de Málaga. Available for Linux and Windows.
GPUsart: algebraic reconstruction using CUDA (spanish)
This is an implementation of a well known algebraic reconstruction algorithm (Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, SART) in CPU and GPU. This kind of algorithms are used for reconstructing the 3D composition of an object from a set of 2D projections of that object. Using the computational resources of the graphics proccessing units (in our case using NVIDIA CUDA technology) we achieve an average increment of speed of about 5000%.

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